My practice involves the writing and telling of stories. These stories are told through sculpture, printed matter, vinyl text and performance. The act of storytelling provides a framework to address concerns about gender, growing up, responsibility and language. 


Facsimile sculptures function as props; either literally as performance accompaniment or in their appearance. Always recognisable, either as traditional storytelling fare; rocking chairs, candles and fireplaces, or the common material population of our everyday; lampposts and pub signs. They seek to be active depictions, apparatus for stories or storytellers themselves, establishing the conditions under which a story may, or may not, be told. 


A material concern is present in the writing with sensations of touch and taste common motifs throughout the stories. Establishing a world where mysticism is not questioned, the cast of characters includes witches, spellmakers and other mythical folk. Their attendance unremarkable, announced without grandeur; here there be witches, spells and secrets.  


With a particular concern in political dynamics at the micro-level, the work teases the relationships between communities, family, friends and lovers. Foregrounding the pressures under which such relationships inevitably fall; power struggles, gender dynamics, loneliness. Done so with a hope for hospitality; a warm fire, a hearty song and a full belly.