With an inclination toward fantasy, fiction and storytelling, my practice explores the potential of objects to enchant. Working across sculpture, drawing, written text and performance, works aim to channel the spirit and generosity of the storyteller. 


As forms of public artefacts; lampposts, pub signs and fountains, the sculptures are crooked and somewhat rickety. Cobbled together from pieces of wood, cardboard and plaster they are visibly handmade versions of objects that are ordinarily uniformly produced. In their verrucose appearance they are sympathetic characters; a cast of sculptures that would exist in an imagined elsewhere. 


Born from personal mythologies and fantasies of folk and literary imagination, their provenance is occluded. The sculptures seek to act as a stepping stone to a narrative landscape, establishing a world where mysticism is celebrated and given space to function. With a wish to be generous; inviting escapism, whimsy and fantasy. 


The legacy of fairy tale is felt in my writing output. Set in landscapes clouded by magic, the cast of characters includes witches, spell makers and other mythical folk. Their attendance unremarkable, announced without grandeur; here there be witches, spells and secrets. Either heard through storytelling performance, or read via vinyl text and printed handout, their concern is in the experience of storytelling; whether privately read or communally heard. 


With a particular concern in political dynamics at the micro-level, the stories tease the relationships between communities, family, friends and lovers. Foregrounding the pressures under which such relationships inevitably fall; power struggles, gender dynamics, loneliness. Done so with a hope for hospitality; a warm fire, a hearty song and a full belly.